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The Saudi business environment is constantly growing, which provides opportunities to establish a career. To build a career, education and training is required. High salaries and top positions are not automatically guaranteed and do not come easily. Experience, training, flexibility and willingness to work hard and long hours in a busy, demanding industry are definite requirements. Ongoing education and broad industry experience will assist positively with career advancement. The industry requires prospective workers to be multi-skilled.

Thank you for selecting the Makkah International Technical Female College, operated by Niagara College, as your preferred provider to pursue your studies. The College is committed to invest in the professional development of young Saudi women, for them to meet the needs of the constantly changing work environment of Saudi Arabia. The journey begins with hard work. Class attendance and class participation is critical for success. Each individual takes ownership of their own learning.

Faculty have been sourced from various part of the world to aid in the development of our students and share unique cultural exchanges. Teachers are there to assist in the journey of learning. Together the staff assist with the overall professional development of each student. During the course of their studies students engage in “On the job training” where they are placed in the industry to gain practical insight to the realities of the working environment. The College also further engages with a College Advisory Board, comprising industry professionals who guide and provide advice regarding the needs of industry.

Ultimately the journey of learning is filled with moments. Moments of friendship, moment of joy, moments of challenges but with a positive end in mind. During the journey of learning you will meet new people and learn much, preparing you to make your career choice. The reality is what you put in your studies, is what you will get out of it.

Wishing you much success.

Dr. Deborah J. Johnson-Camarena