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 A testimonial by Ms. Alia Moani, Head of the Political & Economic Section at the Embassy of Canada in Riyadh

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What makes on the Job Training Unique


NC KSA believes that on-the-job training (OJT) is an important component of student success. For this reason, we aim to provide our students with a complete understanding of their chosen industry by linking them to real-world opportunities in the workforce.

“Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030” is an ambitious but achievable roadmap for providing a national transformation strategy based on maximizing local capacities within the country. The overarching result, to diversify and develop non-oil sectors, including education, health, the economy, infrastructures, and tourism to name a few.

The OJT department therefore facilitates applied learning, verifying preparation for the market, and achieving the required competencies for the next generation of leaders and innovators. We see OJT as the passport to employment.

OJT Student Toolkit
OJT Student Soft skills Toolkit

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