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Since 2014, Niagara College KSA (NC KSA) has operated technical and vocational training colleges throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as part of the Colleges of Excellence (CoE) program.

With a strong focus on developing ‘world-’ and ‘work-’ ready graduates, NC KSA operated colleges specialize in delivering a number of quality programs designed to prepare young men and women for successful entry into the workforce.

All NC KSA campuses offer a comprehensive foundation year program consisting of English, mathematics and computer training followed by post-secondary programming in small business management, IT technical support, graphic design and more.

Corporate Training

NC KSA is pleased to offer corporate and contract training services for clients seeking customized learning programs. We work with institutions, agencies and various business partners delivering tailored educational programs that range in duration depending on individual group needs.



Fully-funded tuition through TVTC for all eligible Saudi nationals


Exciting employment opportunities in top Saudi companies after graduation


Generous monthly stipends for all eligible Saudi nationals


World-class training delivered by qualified industry professionals


On-the-Job Training. Learn the job while performing it

Ready to stand out from the crowd?

A student focused environment, accredited courses and international facilitators gets you your dream job.